First Time Staying in a B&B?

We see a lot of visitors who have never stayed in a bed and breakfast before. They don’t know what to expect from our home, what there is to do in the area, or where to go out for dinner. We’ve put together some information here to ask not only us, but any B&B you may visit in the future, to help guide your trip.




What to bring when staying at a B&B? There’s some items a B&B may not have that you’re use to at hotels; USB chargers attached to lamps or in the bed, self controlled heat/AC, and a fridge in your room, are all good examples. We’ve had guests bring a variety of things like night lights, in case the room is too dark for their liking and their own pillow since they know they can get a good nights sleep with it. Other items include chargers for all your electronics, a personal hotspot incase you don’t get a good signal in your room, and your own beer or wine and snacks if your B&B doesn’t have a restaurant. Some more ideas include slippers for walking about the room or halls, headphones for music to drown out any outside noise, and cash for any vending machines, ice cream trucks (yes, they still exist in our area!) and tips. Check yours B&B’s site or give them a call before hand and ask what they provide as amenities.


What is there to do in your area? For us, we have an abundance of places to go, things to see, and great restaurants to dine at. Walkway over the Hudson at nightOur innkeeper keeps a very detailed list of what our area offers and can recommend places to go depending on what area you’d like to focus your trip in. Most B&B’s will be able to give you a great idea of what’s going on in the area during your time of stay, and we always recommend checking their website for events calendars, like we have, to show what specials events may be going on during the time of your stay. We also have curated lists of restaurants, hiking trails, art museums, and more, so our guests can feel free to check this out before their stay and make an itinerary, so once they arrive, they know what their plan is.


What makes a B&B different from a hotel? The most important answer here, is the attention you get from the team here. We pride ourselves in being concierges to our guests and help them and provide them with what they need as much as we can. We also provide a homemade three-course breakfast every morning and can cater to specific needs, whether dietary or based on your activity of the day. If you’re not around during the breakfast time, we can prepare a to-go bag for you to take with you on days journey. We also enjoy providing luxury bedding to keep all our guests comfortable, and always free wifi (can you believe people still charge for wifi these days?) We have beautiful grounds that you can walk; take a stroll through our flower gardens and have lunch on our patio. Being a privately owned property, this house is taken care of because it’s our home too. You’re not a room number at b&b’s, you’re a name, a guest we will get to know, and someone we like to call our friends once we part ways (but we know you’ll be back to visit us again).


Gourmet breakfast, husdson river valley NYTips and Tricks: Always check with your B&B beforehand about any specific rules or regulations they have in place. What’s their alcohol policy? Do they have an event space that is booked out during your stay? Is there noise regulations and time frames? Is there a pet policy? Do they allow smoking on the grounds? What is the parking situation? Every B&B is different in what they allow, so be sure to confirm specific requirements before your booking or arrival. Some of these items, like traveling with pets, can incur fees, so you want to be absolutely sure what the policy is beforehand.


Still unsure about staying in a B&B? We promise you it’s a more intimate, private, and relaxing experience than a hotel. And while it may not be for everyone, we encourage you try it! If you have further questions about staying with us, please don’t hesitate to email us at