Why Stay at a Bed & Breakfast?

Bed & Breakfasts are becoming more popular amongst younger generations today. When you have inclusions such a breakfast, wifi, intimate settings, and that feeling of ‘home,’ it’s hard to choose a hotel instead. We know that some people are hesitant to try something new, especially if they don’t know what to expect. So what’s the benefits of staying at a bed & breakfast versus a hotel, you ask? Well, keep on reading, and we’ll show you!


  1. Personal Attention

          We all know what it’s like when we need something and can’t get anyones attention to get it. From something as small as an extra pillow or even a little bit bigger, like making dinner reservations, innkeepers go that extra mile to make sure you are comfortable, and well taken care of. Innkeepers act as a concierge to their towns and can help guide you to the best restaurants, hiking trails, wineries, antique shops, and much more. And nothing is worse than having a breakfast included and then you can’t even enjoy it due to an allergy or specific dietary need. At a B&B, innkeepers will ask you prior to your visit if you have any special requirements for your breakfast and will be happy to accommodate you so you can enjoy your visit to the fullest extent.


                                                                                        2.   Value

Booking at a bed & breakfast will provide you with a bigger bang for your buck. Normally, if you book at a hotel, your cost includes a relatively small room with private bathroom and a TV. However, you’re charged extra for things like breakfast or room service, wifi, parking, and other amenities. At a bed & breakfast, all of these things are usually included in your stay price! And you can bet, breakfast is a home-cooked, delicious meal, wifi is fast, parking is close, and you get the added value of the innkeepers, owners, and any other team member engaging with you and knowing you by name. They take pride in how their guests are treated and making them feel at home.


3.    History

       Some bed & breakfasts provide more than an intimate, personal stay with great breakfast and free amenities. A lot of them provide a rich history, whether the building itself is historical or the town it is settled in. Depending on which B&B you visit, you may be staying in a restored building that dates back to centuries ago, or possibly a former palace or castle. For instance, Bykenhulle House was built in 1841 but the property itself dates back to the 1700s. The house has been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. No matter what B&B you stay in, be sure to ask the innkeepers about the history of the inn, the property, and the town it resides in. 


                                                                                  4.    Unique Rooms        

Each room in a bed & breakfast has a different personality. From the wallpaper, to the bedspread, furniture and bathrooms, each space is individual. B&B’s will let you book the exact room you want, rather than just a type of room, so you know exactly what you’re getting and have a choice. If you book with a group, explore each others rooms so you see the differences. When visiting the inns website, make sure to look at each room to see which one suits you best. At Bykenhulle House, each room is named after one of the owners children, as a homage to the home the family grew up in.


5.    Little Extras

Breakfast in Hudson Valley

We already covered how innkeepers and their B&B’s go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, but there is also lots of extras as well. Some offer afternoon tea, while others offer fresh cookies. The Bykenhulle House has a station set up daily with coffee, tea, water, and freshly baked treats.


Whichever bed & breakfast you choose, it’ll be worth every penny as you know you’ll get the personal attention, exciting history, and unique experience that you’ve been looking for.